Gas & Solid Fuel Certification Testing

Gas & Solid Fuel Certification Testing

LabTest is the industry leader in assisting manufacturers in evaluating their gas and solid fuel appliances for certification and testing to the following:

  • CSA/CGA standards for Canadashutterstock_77086096
  • ANSI/UL standards for USA
  • EN standards for the European Union as per the New Approach Directives
  • AN/NZ standards for Australia

LabTest provides certification services for:

  • Household & Commercial Appliances
  • Fireplaces, Fire Pits & BBQs
  • Boilers, Heaters & Furnaces
  • Heating & Ventilation Products
  • Cooking Appliances
  • Multi Fuel: Gas, Pellet, Wood, Oil, etc.shutterstock_47281384
  • Greenhouse Carbon Dioxide Generators
  • Industrial Gas Burners
  • Chimney Venting Products
  • Field Special Inspections/Evaluations
        • We offer field evaluation of your gas fired units including industrial boilers, custom fireplaces, commercial cooking appliances or any special gas fired product. We are able to perform field evaluation at short notice all across Canada & USA. Please contact us for more information.


More Info:

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